Professional communications

Making Slides for Professional Events

  • An article by science writer Kendall Powel published in Nature in 2012 that gives good advice about designing posters.
  • A short overview of how to prepare a poster from the Learning and Advising Center at Philadelphia University.
  • A great website by Colin Purrington that provides extensive advice about making posters as well as several templates in different styles that can be used to create posters in PowerPoint or OpenOffice. Dr. Purrington taught evolutionary biology at Swarthmore College for 14 years and is now a nature photographer and blogger.

Science Communications Resources

Here are some links to resources about communicating science to the public. Many of the concepts discussed by these professionals apply to fields outside the sciences.

Useful books

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition

I present workshops to help students who want to compete in UConn’s Three Minute Thesis competition. The UConn 3MT competition is part of the Universitas 21 international competition held each year. My workshop instructs students how to build a story about their thesis topic into a 3-minute presentation. I urge students to use storytelling methods to create a narrative structure for their talk. I base my instruction on that advocated by Randy Olson, film maker and science communication instructor and advocate and by Tim Miller, Visiting Assistant professor in the UConn Digital Media and Design program.