Conn books and articles

I’ve posted below several files of Herbert W. Conn’s books and articles as well as articles written about him, his research, and his public outreach activities.  The pdf files of his books were obtained from Google Books.  Click on the titles to download the books and articles.

Books and articles by H. W. Conn

Conn’s 1888 article in Science magazine: “The Germ Theory as a Subject of Education”

“The Story of Germ Life” (1898)

“Evolution of Today” (1907)

“The Method of Evolution” (1900)

“Social Heredity and Social Evolution: The Other Side of Eugenics” (1914)

Articles about H. W. Conn and his writings

“Professor Herbert Wiliam Conn and the Founding of the Society”: A biography written by his son, Harold J. Conn in 1948, published in Bacteriological Reviews

“The Preservation of Milk”: An article from the American Druggist (1892) describing Conn’s report on milk sterilization to the New Jersey Milk Commission

“Hell and the High Schools”: A critique of Conn’s view of evolution (1923)

“H. W. Conn’s ‘Communistic’ Challenge to Eugenics”: A blog about Conn’s thoughts on eugenics in his book “Social Heredity and Social Evolution: The Other Side of Eugenics”

“Microbiology Milestone: Herbert W. Conn, Lifetime Achievements”: an article written by Dr. Noll describing Herbert Conn’s life and the commemoration of his work at the dedication ceremony of the University of Connecticut as an “ASM Milestones in Microbiology” site by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) in honor of Conn’s work there.